SCHEER Wining and Dining

In the past, the Scheer family used as living space parts of the Scheer Workshop. As head of the seven-generation family-owned company, Markus Scheer lunched with his grandparents on the same table where shoes are now polished. These memories ensured the motivations of Markus Scheer to revive the house tradition for hospitality: in 2012 the ancient premises of Rudolf Scheer & Söhne in the Bräunerstrasse have been extended to the ground floor, which was renovated with great value for details and workmanship precision.

Together with chefs Otto Bayer and Bojan Brbre, the idea of "Scheer Wining and Dining" was then created: the Scheer Raum, Cellar and Workshop transform and adjust upon request and according to the host’s wishes. Friends of the house can rent the rooms for banquets, presentations, meetings or celebrations. And as the smell of leather and wood blends with the tastes of wine, handcraft combines with cooking, and the hammers from the workshop provide a musical accompaniment, this is where all senses are spoiled.

The old 1850 tailor's cabinet

Through modern leather-coated portals, one enters a room, which has kept layer for layer its painted walls and tapestries, dating from 1870 to 1950, and where dining in this setting is travelling in time. There is also our “time machine”, the old 1850 tailor’s cabinet, remodelled into an artistically built-in kitchen and open for these occasions.

The historical Cellar

The historical Cellar exudes tranquillity, sheltering something mystical and sacred. Its reduced architecture with variations of dimmed light is the showcase for the center of the room: the long wooden panel invites up to 36 guests and friends.

SCHEER Workshop

In between last, leather and ancient tools, custom-made shoes are created here with the finest handmade craftsmanship. Where family furniture is a witness for the past, the Workshop today, can still be the setting for celebrations and feasts.