SCHEER Schusterei - Repair & Care

We love leather, and everything that is made from it! Whether it’s a sneaker, factory shoe, designer stiletto, handbag, briefcase, wallet or key ring: any object that you’ve come to love will last longer when given the right care. There’s nothing finer than natural patina.

The "SCHEER Schusterei" is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

If bringing in your favorite piece would be a detour, we’d be happy to receive it by postal service!


Actually leather care does not differ from skin care: as skin needs regular peeling, leather needs and effective cleaning lotion as well. In the same way as skin needs moisturizing creme, leather needs shoe creme with beneficial ingredients, that also deepens the colour. And the skin's make up is comparable to shoe polish cream containing valuable Carnauba- and bees wax.

The proper care is as crucial for leather as for skin: it determinates the young and fresh looks and grants uniqueness.

In our "Scheer Schusterei" we offer a nearly endless variety of cremes and colours, additionally also suitable brushes and fabrics - and most of all: personal instructions!