SCHEER - the "crowning"

The SCHEER crowning, your individual custom built set. Just as you imagine, tailored to your individual desires and needs. Each set is custom made in every detail and combines on request bespoke SCHEER shoes, bespoke bags/briefcases, bespoke belts and bespoke small leather goods. The uniqueness and exclusivity of these sets is the result of the masterful combination of all 4 crafts in one house. Every single piece is a crown jewel of its art itself, yet when for your set all our masters sit together at one table to create your vision, something special happens and something extraordinary evolves - every time.

If you are interested in such a SCHEER set please contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing your idea.

SCHEER set out of black alligator mississippiensis. Briefcase made to measure with individual lining, SCHEER bespoke lace up shoes with silver chevraux piping, double folded bespoke belt
SCHEER set out of gold-brown allligator mississippiensis. Lady's bag and purse made to measure on individual needs, double folded bespoke belt with fitting bespoke pumps and bespoke lace up boots.
SCHEER set out of blue allligator mississippiensis. Bespoke shoes, double folded belt with credit card case, wallet, contact card case and bracelets with white diamonds.