Classic tux slip-on shoe in short tongue design made of black calf leather, brightly polished

Glatt schwarz

Low shoe, whole cut, fixed elastic lacing, made of black calf leather

glatt gummi

High-cut slip-on shoe with lateral conceated elastication made of black Russia leather

Quasten schwarz

High-collared, tasseled slip-on shoe, with hand-stitched inset of black, thin calf leather

Sämisch Handnaht

Slip-on shoe in the classic tongue design, made of brown satin-finish chamois leather (with leather from 1956)

SChliz schlamm

Light, smooth slip-on shoe with concealed elastication, made of silt-green kid chamois leather

babybüffel rot

Slip-on shoe in long tongue design made of embossed red-orange calf leather with a black piping

schwarz gelocht

Full brogue slip-on shoe made of dark-brown baby buffalo leather

Rot gelocht

Full-brogue slip-on shoe in short tongue design made of light-cognac calf leather (year 1957)

Strauß rot

Light slip-on shoe made of beaten orange ostrich leather, with a black-lacquered buffalo leather heel

Pink glatt

Slip-on shoe in long tongue design made of pink baby buffalo leather and a dark blue piping


Light slip-on shoe made of dark blue or chamois leather


Black patent leather slip-on shoe with a buckle from 1870 and a violet kid leather strap with engraved initials


Green-tinted slip-on shoe with traditional Japanese armour patterns, inset with powdered gold leaf in neutral shoe cream

Rochen schwarz

Slipper in tongue style with lateral conceated elastication out of black stingray and black goatskin leather piping, lightweight construction - The Rocker